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Jackson, Wyoming Real Estate

Real estate in Jackson, Wyoming grants buyers easy access to downtown amenities, recreational opportunities at one of the many National Forest access points, and close proximity to post offices, schools and restaurants.

Several new townhomes and condos have been developed in the southwest and central parts of town in recent years, while the homes for sale in East Jackson place buyers near the National Elk Refuge and the hiking and mountain bike trails along Cache Creek and Snow King Resort. Some homes and condos for sale in Jackson allow for short-term rentals, expanding the possibilities for second-home owners.

Real Estate Prices in Jackson, WY

  • 4012064.52,4847657.89,5068116.67,4864094.94,4837733.82,5278016.67,5903423.08,5829513.16,5421773.81,6130284.31,6010192.08,5317850.50
  • 2818500.00,3749920.00,3841500.00,3358545.45,2524144.44,4573362.07,2874847.17,2960826.92,4109017.54,4503872.09,3743987.76,5309150.00
  • 2197500.00,2475000.00,2722500.00,2595000.00,2722500.00,3547500.00,3349000.00,3595000.00,3272000.00,3349500.00,3450000.00,3250000.00
  • 1950000.00,1859000.00,2440000.00,2175000.00,2500000.00,1750000.00,1995500.00,2562500.00,2350000.00,2500000.00,2000000.00,2420000.00

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Real Estate Inventory in Jackson, WY

  • 124,95,90,79,68,60,65,76,84,102,101,101
  • 27,25,22,22,27,29,46,26,57,43,49,30

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