Selling and Buying at the same time?

2015-03-05T17:29:45-07:00 March 5th, 2015|Relocation|Comments Off on Selling and Buying at the same time?

Lifehacker usually has some good tips on ways to efficiently handle your life.  I don’t usually see real estate advice on there, but there’s a good article today on things to think about if you’re looking to buy a house at the same time you have one to sell.

I imagine this scenario is pretty typical for folks in the Jackson area, as many are moving to this area from other parts of the country for our skiing, fishing, mountains or other outdoor opportunities.

Unless you can afford to own both homes for quite some time, a contract contingency is a great idea.  However, when in a tight market, some sellers may not want to go along with one unless you can convince them that your current house will sell quickly.  This may be hard to do if you’re relocating to Jackson from another part of the country unfamiliar to the sellers.

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